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MF Doom Gives Fans An Update From His Island Fortress In Cuba

Even with two album reissues (DangerDoom’s 2005 The Mouse and the Mask and the solo Born Like This from 2009), a slow drip of new music, and a polarizing “holographic” performance with Ghostface Killah at the Ill Points Festival in Miami, MF Doom has remained as enigmatic as ever throughout 2015 — until now.

HypeTrakTV got an exclusive interview/mini-documentary with the Metal-Faced Villain, who’s been chilling out in the same space in Cuba he was when he sent his condolences to Sean Price this past August. “A lotta good shit comin’ up this year,” Doom said while driving a boat across choppy water. “Been livin’ off y’all mothafuckers’ scope for a while in the cut…gettin’ ready to fuck y’all up.”

No word as to what he’s got in store that’s gonna fuck his already parched fans up, but maybe DOOMSTARKS? Maybe a new solo effort? A new pair of shoes? Maybe he’s coming back to the States? Keep those eyes peeled.

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