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The Strange Truth Behind The Drake Soundalike On Erykah Badu’s New Mixtape


Erykah Badu has blessed us with her new mixtape You Cain’t Use My Phone for Thanksgiving, and while the tape is pretty tight, everyone seems to be asking, “Is that Drake?” on “U Used To Call Me” and “Whats Yo Phone Number.”

The rapper who appears on Badu’s new tape apparently goes by Aubrey Davis – the troll is strong in this one. He’s ItsRoutine on Twitter, and about seven weeks ago he was chilling with Badu, as evidenced below:

@erykahbadu peace love and happiness!

A photo posted by Aubrey Davis (@itsroutine) on

He sounds like Drake with a stuffed nose, and he’s been doing this Angelous/Guerilla Black thing for a minute. Here he is three months ago doing a straight up Drake impersonation, complete with OD hashtags:


He was also credited on the original link to “Phone Down” on Badu’s Soundcloud, which is now (mysteriously) absent from her account:

BDBflwY (1)

But we’re confused. On Breakfast Club, Erykah Badu said she was cool with Drake. The Toronto rapper even did her a cool favor by showing up to her kid’s school after Badu reached out. Why would Badu put fake Drake on her mixtape? Badu, if you’re reading this, is the entire tape a subtweet to Drake? Is this revenge for Drake clapping on Common? What the hell is going on!?


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