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Marvel’s Hip-Hop Variant Covers Will Be Released In A Comic For Free

Dave Johnson Marvel

Marvel Entertainment has spent the last 2-3 months dropping hip-hop variant comic book covers to help promote a new run of first issues, appeasing both hip-hop and comic fans alike. The respective worlds have always intersected, and not only was it nice to see one of the biggest companies in the world show love to that relationship, it was nice to see them bring people of color onto the team (eventually) to write and draw these out. Artists from Eminem to De La Soul to Ice Cube have been showing Marvel love, too.

The covers have picked up so much traction that Marvel will be releasing 14 of the best in a *free* 64-page book at select stores starting January 6, according to The New York Times. Get ready to fight people off for that free issue come next year.

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