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Vince Staples: “I’m Not A Fan Of Hip-Hop Culture.”

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Vince Staples is the anti-rapper, a talented spitter who doesn’t fit into the average profile of a popular hip-hop artist. He shills Sprite without shame, refuses to deify ’90s rappers, and doesn’t care much for hip-hop culture at all, really.

“It’s not that I don’t care about rap,” he told Eric Ducker for a profile in The California Sunday Magazine. “I’m not a fan of hip-hop culture.”

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Later on in the piece, he makes more wise insights about rap culture today. “[Rap] doesn’t progress with the times. I think that’s unfortunate, because rap culture is an extension of black culture, no matter what anybody says. That shows we have to get better.”

Read the whole piece right here if you’re a fan of Vince – or even if you’re not. What do you think about his comments on hip-hop?

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