5 Reasons Why You Need To Listen To TK N Cash

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In the dominant Atlanta rap scene, everyone seems to be part of a crew – Young Thug came up under Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad, Rich Homie Quan is a part of Think It’s A Game (despite ongoing lawsuits), and OG Maco has cultivated his own OGG crew with buzzing artists like Larry June. In such a highly competitive space, it can be hard to stand out without a squad.

TK N Cash don’t have that problem. They’ve been making noise since 2009, when Ludacris offered them a deal on Disturbing Tha Peace. At the same time, the duo had just signed with Chris Lighty’s Violator Management a mere week before Chris passed away. They sat idle on Columbia for a while before leaving the label within the past year, knowing they couldn’t wait for someone to put them in the position they knew they deserved. And then their big break came – “Mind Right,” a song that started heating up Southern radio in 2014. On the heels of their stellar No Hand Outs mixtape (which they were literally handing out to people at SXSW last year), they signed a fresh new deal with 300 Ent. Now their future is looking brighter than ever.

We got to sit down with the Atlanta rappers for a brief conversation, and we came away with five reasons why you need to be paying attention to TK N Cash right now. They’re about to embark on the Young Hustle Tour alongside other 300 acts like T-Wayne, Rich The Kid, and Tate Kobang too, so be sure to check them out when they roll through your city.

  1. “Mind Right” was their first huge single.

Even though “Mind Right” was released in 2014 while the group was still signed to Columbia, people keep finding out about the hit song thanks to a remix with T.I., T-Pain, and B.O.B. Its melody makes this one of the catchiest rap songs in recent memory and showcases how simple TK N Cash make the art of songwriting seem.

  1. “3 Times in a Row” is about to be their second smash hit.

Anyone who thought TK N Cash were one hit wonders needs to hear their new single, “3 Times in a Row,” which 2 Chainz just blessed for a remix. Released back in August, the song is gaining serious steam on radio from week to week as it builds on the group’s effortless sing-song delivery.

  1. Their next single with Young Thug sounds crazy.

At the end of our talk, TK N Cash played us their next single, featuring a dazzling verse from Young Thug (which both TK and Cash have already memorized for themselves). It’s a propelling song made for the strip club, but don’t be surprised if you hear these boys spitting harder than usual.

  1. They’ve written songs for huge artists.

The Bronx-born Cash might be more of the rapper of the two, but TK is the singer/songwriter, and he’s helped a couple huge artists write some songs throughout the years. When TK was 17 he co-wrote “What I Be On” for Trey Songz, and later he wrote hooks for Kevin Gates (“Thinking With My Dick”) and Spenzo (“I’m So Sorry”). Don’t sleep on the group’s pen game.

  1. They haven’t even heard Rae Sremmurd’s album.

Many people who hear TK N Cash for the first time compare them to Rae Sremmurd, another duo of young Southern kids who make poppy music. TK N Cash don’t think making rap with pop appeal is a bad thing, but when asked about the comparison to Rae Sremmurd, they just laugh. “We haven’t even heard that album [Sremmlife].” So for everyone who insists on the comparison, please let these guys thrive on their own. They’re about to carve out their own lane in hip-hop.

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