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50 Cent Has A New TV Show Coming To FOX


Earlier this year we reported that 50 Cent had landed a production deal with Starz, and now it looks like he’s finally getting a new TV show.

Today Deadline reported that Curtis will produce and star in a new show for FOX called “My Friend 50” written by Ava Tramer. It’s a single camera series about a girl named Amanda Kramer, “an unstable twenty-something who believes that joining 50 Cent’s entourage is the answer to all her problems. Her unlikely journey with 50 Cent’s crew takes the form of a bizarre documentary commissioned by the most unreliable narrator in history: Amanda.” Will Packer will co-produce the show as well.

That storyline sounds kind of sexist (“stupid groupie aspires only to join rapper’s entourage!”) but it has potential to be hilarious thanks to 50’s comedic talent. We’ll be tuning in once it goes on air.

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