Public Enemy Bum Rushed The Show In A British Fan’s Ford Focus

PE England

As far as impromptu fan/musician reactions go, driving a group in your own personal car is about as personal as things can get. That’s just what happened to British photographer Kevin Wells, who found himself in an unlikely position with one of his favorite groups, Public Enemy.

The Sheffield Star reports that the 50-year-old photographer had stopped by PE’s autographing session for their latest project Man Plans God Laughs at the Record Collector store in Broomhill, UK this past Sunday (November 29) when he learned that the group’s taxi that had been booked for 6:30 PM had left early. Wells volunteered to drive Chuck D, Flavor Flav, nd their entourage to Motorpoint Arena himself in what turned out to be the “most surreal journey” of his life. “They were such nice guys, we had a right laugh,” Wells recalled. “We were chatting away, but the phone was constantly going as their management were clearly worried.”

But no one in Wells’ Ford Focus was worried as they were belting “Bohemian Rhapsody” and bonding together. Wells got the group there 15 minutes before they were supposed to hit the stage: “I drove up to security and said, ‘I’ve got the band in the back,’ Wells said. “They looked at me as if I was having them on, but then I rolled down the windows and Chuck D showed them the security pass…Amazing, it just didn’t feel real.” After he dropped them off, Wells ran to go shoot photos at a completely different gig. Power to The People indeed.

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