D12 Says People Thought Eminem Was Black At First

Bizarre, Kuniva, and Swifty McVay recently sat down with Vlad TV to talk about the origins of the group, and during their conversation Kuniva revealed that people thought Eminem was black when they first heard him rap on a record.

“A lot of people were thinking [Eminem] was black before they even knew who he was. They automatically was like, ‘Man this nigga’s killing shit.’ So when they found out he’s a white dude, it was extra crazy, like ‘Man, what the fuck?’ They couldn’t believe it, so a lot of people had to come see it themselves.”

They also talk about how Proof started D12 and how they came up on the battle circuit in Detroit with Elzhi, Obie Trice, J Dilla, Guilty Simpson, and others. Watch the interview above.

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