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Producer Of “Hotline Bling” Nineteen85 Releases New Song “Too Deep” About Not Wanting To Pull Out


This is either the nastiest thing you’ll hear all day, or the funniest.

Mysterious R&B act dvsn released a new song today called “Too Deep,” and it’s produced by Nineteen85, the Toronto producer behind Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and Nicki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter” (he also co-produced Drake’s “Just Hold On We’re Going Home”). The song as a whole is fire, but these lyrics…these lyrics are something else:

“I won’t make you pull out, getting it on tonight,” sings a female voice. “I just wanna go down in history how you like / As the one who makes you comfortable / Cause your lips, they got me feeling very vulnerable.” Then the chorus goes, “In too deep, don’t wanna pull out.” Well OK then.

It’s unclear who exactly dvsn is. Their logo seems to be a division sign, and many people believe it’s actually Nineteen85 (real name Paul Jefferies) singing, because he’s got a division sign in his Twitter name. According to an anonymous source, however, dvsn and Nineteen85 are two different entities. Either way, remember kids – keep your pull out game strong, not weak.

Hear the two other dvsn songs that are out right now below.

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