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Vince Staples On Young Thug: “He Is One Of The Best”

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Ready for Vince Staples to piss off old rap heads again? Good. We are too.

Today Pitchfork published a piece talking to other artists about some of their favorite music of the year. Fetty Wap chose his own “Trap Queen” and Ty Dolla $ign says he loved To Pimp A Butterfly the most this year, but the most controversial answer comes from Vince.

“[Young Thug] has followed the path of a traditional rock star more than he has followed the path of a rapper,” says Vince, “and it’s interesting to see people react to the things he says and does outside of his music. Everybody in the hip-hop community is so upset at him for being who he is and dressing like he does, but for the kind of music he makes, he is one of the best.”

He goes on to say, “Thug is definitely refreshing because you can’t get the type of music that he makes from anyone but him. Music is a full package now, and he’s someone who embodies what a full package should be.” He also says the Wayne and Thug beef was “hilarious” to him.

Well there you have it, folks. One of the most heralded street rappers, if you can call him that, gives props to Young Thug for being one of the best at what he does. Can you hear the skulls of ’90s heads exploding yet?

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