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Just Blaze Posts Preview Of Unreleased Jay Z Song

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Just Blaze was in a giving mood last night (if you follow him on Twitter, you’ll know to expect more goodies as Christmas draws near) when he started posting snippets of demo versions of songs he’s produced throughout the years.

He started with the original version of Freeway’s “Flipside,” which he says was originally supposed to be just one Freeway verse on a Beyonce record. Then he posted what looks like a Joe Budden remix (Just later deleted all the videos from his Instagram because he’s actually The Grinch) and something to do with Eminem’s “Cold Wind Blows” and T.I.’s “Live Your Life.”

He followed those with the Black Album version of “Early This Morning,” which Jay fans will know is available online (hear the full version below) and was originally meant for The Blueprint, and the original version of Kanye’s “Touch The Sky” with a “then unknown” Robert Glasper on the outro. And for his last trick, he posted an alternate version of Dipset’s “Really Mean It” with the whole squad on it.

Damn you, Just.


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