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Pusha T Throws Shots At Baby: “That’s Like The Lowest Form of a Thief”

push baby

In a new interview with Mikey T, Pusha T is asked about Rick Ross’ recent shot at Drake and Baby on “Color Money” when he said, “I got more money than that pussy you’re signed to.”

Pusha had this to say about Baby: “If you steal something and you stealing it contractually, that’s like the lowest form of a thief,” he said. “It’s like a cat burglar. It’s not even respectable in no way shape or form. You ain’t even thuggin’ it. Like you ain’t even takin’ it! You like sneaky…and I don’t respect that.

“I ain’t respected Baby for a long time,” he added.

Watch the clip of Pusha dissing Baby above, and peep the whole interview right here.

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