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T-Pain Says Kanye West Copied His Style For 808s & Heartbreak

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In a new interview with Billboard, T-Pain jumps all the way out the window and says Kanye West directly and explicitly copied his style from his debut album Rappa Ternt Sanga for 808s & Heartbreak. 

When asked how the sound from his debut LP would stay relevant, T-Pain said, “I would say as recent as [Kanye West’s] 808s & Heartbreaks, which was a direct copy of Rappa Ternt Sanga. I’m not just being a dick saying that shit sounds a lot like mine. Like literally [Kanye] told me that he listened to Rappa Ternt Sanga and he made 808s & Heartbreaks. He even brought me in to make it sound more like Rappa Ternt Sanga. [Laughs.] Something that I did that was directly copied got so many awards — that’s evidence right there. Rappa Ternt Sanga is still relevant because the sound is still prevalent in the whole industry. It’s never gonna stop.”

T-Pain has spoke about this in the past, specifically how Kanye told him Rappa Ternt Sanga was just love songs with a lot of bass. Yet the Tallahassee superstar still doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Looks like that’s finally changing.

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