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Meek Mill Allegedly Swapped Water For Urine During A Drug Test

*UPDATE* TMZ reports that Meek Mill was also accused of turning in a cup of cold water during a urine test. Meek insists that the protein shakes he drinks are the reason his urine is so clear, and Nicki Minaj stands by him. Meek and his lawyers won’t convene back in court until Thursday, so here’s hoping for the best.

2015 has been a year of peaks (#1 album, endorsements, touring with girlfriend Nicki Minaj) and one huge valley (“losing” a very public beef with Drake) for Meek Mill, and if he’s not careful, it could end with another visit to one of the deepest valleys there is: prison.

TMZ reports that the Philly MC violated probation recently by taking a trip to the American Music Awards. Terms found in court documents relating to his drug and gun possession charges from 2009 state that as of November 1, 2015, Meek needs an approved travel voucher to leave the city of Philadelphia. He allegedly didn’t have one, so this little slip-up has the potential to land him back behind bars, but that remains to be seen. Here’s hoping he can catch a break.

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