The Five Best MADEINTYO Songs You Need To Know

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A couple months ago, I was kicking it with Atlanta rappers Snubnose Frankenstein and MitchGoneMad at watchLOUD HQ when I struck up a convo with their DJ Jeh Mahk. Jeh Mahk is a bit quiet and subdued, but clearly passionate right below the surface, and when we started talking about new rap we fucked with, he told me to check out one artist – MADEINTYO.

If you’re smart, you’ll listen to a DJ’s recommendation, considering they’re still the foremost hip-hop heads in the business. Jeh Mahk told me this kid MADEINTYO (which I kept on hearing as Made In Tokyo) was getting a lot of attention in Atlanta thanks to some song about Uber, so I nodded and said I’d check it out.

Turns out little homie is something of a phenomenon, and “Uber Everywhere” was a minor hit down south this summer. So as his buzz steadily grows and he continues to drop free music on Soundcloud, we’re here to give you a glimpse at five MADEINTYO songs you should probably get familiar with. Skr skr.

I Want (Prod. by Richie Souf)

This was MADEINTYO’s first single to make waves back in May, and it’s produced by Richie Souf, the same guy who made recent iLoveMakonnen songs like “Big Gucci,” “Flippin’ All Night,” and “Where Your Girl At?” The song is essentially just a list of things the rapper wants – a brand new whip, a brand new house, a foreign girl. And of course there’s his signature “skr skr” adlib, sprinkled throughout the song from beginning to end. It might not click the first time, but play it back once or twice more and it’ll sink in.

Uber Everywhere (Prod. by K Swisha)

This is the song that’s got everyone talking about MADEINTYO. He released it in early July on the heels of “I Want” and it’s the catchiest thing he’s made to date. The song’s success is partly due to K Swisha, a producer TYO seems to be working with a lot these days. His sunny synths clear the way for TYO, who lived in Japan for six years during high school before moving to Atlanta, and the production is reminiscent of a dissolved video game soundtrack. It was practically made to bounce around in a cab to. Plus, they added another dope song to the end of the video version.

Nawfside Shawty (Prod. by K Swisha)

Wisely taking advantage of his Summer buzz, MADEINTYO released a five-track EP in August called You Are Forgiven. It included the two songs above as well as this track, which once again incorporates video game elements. (Is D.R.A.M. out here influencing more than just Drake?) “Where you headed, to the bank, smellin’ like some stank” is my new mantra when I walk to Chase and withdraw one crisp $20 bill, thanks to this song.

Do It Right (Prod. by 808 Mafia)


If most of TYO’s catalog soundtracks the ride to the party, “Do It Right” is the backdrop for that taxi ride back. Specifically, the legs-on-the-ceiling type of taxi ride back. He gets his R&B on effectively next to his brother Royce Rizzy over this creative beat, and his pension for bite-size hooks is at full strength here.

Bool’n (Prod. by K Swisha)

I’m not mad if K Swisha decides to incorporate some sort of electronic bleeps and bloops into every beat he makes. Nothing bad ever happens in any MADEINTYO songs, so he suspends you in this dream world of taking bitches and flying to different cities. “Bool’n” is no different.

Bonus: Savage (Prod. by K Swisha)

Including this so we can all observe the Chief Keef influence.

Bonus: Takin Off (Prod. by MADEINTYO & K Swisha)

This is just a good look at how songs under two minutes can benefit rapper and listener alike.

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