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Prosecutors Read Michael Jackson Lyrics To Meek Mill In Court

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Today Meek Mill appeared in court for a probation violation stemming from trips he’s allegedly taken outside of Philadelphia. Nicki was in attendance as witnesses testified to Meek’s upcoming philanthropy efforts, although the district attorney said one-off events for at-risk youth showed a lack of commitment. She wants to see Meek sit on an advocacy board.

Meek himself said, “I believe I have a lot more growing to do…before this case I was on the road to destruction,” according to one reporter. Meek also apparently apologized to the DA for rapping about her recently. “It was immature. I think it was me being emotional.” It was also revealed that Meek has gotten social media etiquette training.

At one point during the proceedings, the prosecutors felt it was appropriate to quite Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror,” citing Meek’s need to take charge of his own destiny. See for yourself below.

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