Watch Vince Staples Decry The Glorification Of Drug Culture

Vince Staples’ is an MC wise beyond his 22 years, a fact that’s come through in every interview he’s taken part in this year. The Long Beach rapper stopped by CNN to talk about high school dropout rates and the way that drugs have influenced rap and popular culture at large. “There’s more music being made about the drug use than it was,” Staples said. “It’s something to me that always seemed like a last resort to a lot of people. They needed a way to live; they needed a way to make their money to survive, to provide for their family.”

Staples also talks about a friend of his that he lost just this year: “He didn’t know what Xanax was a few years ago…This is the first time in my life where I’m seeing people become drug addicts…There are so many better things to do and to tell these kids than what drugs to take.”

Check out the whole interview above.

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