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R. Kelly Walks Out of Live Interview With Huffington Post

r kelly face

This was doomed from the start. Today Huffington Post aired a live interview with R. Kelly during which they fielded questions from fans. What could possibly go wrong?

In the video above, you can see the interview progress slowly until the interviewer starts asking why he doesn’t think the support for his new album The Buffet is as strong as it’s been for previous albums of his. Then a fan says she’s conflicted about supporting Kelly amidst all the rumors about his child molestation cases, to which he responds, “Fuck that.” Then it got really bad.

The interviewer pushed further about the lawsuits, after which Kelly got testy. He says he doesn’t hear any of those complaints on the stage or in his “interview room,” and seems to confuse his success with the controversy surrounding it. The interviewer tries to get in some questions, and Kelly starts talking over her.

You can watch the whole thing above to see what happens next.

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