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Ace Cosgrove Plans For The Future In “Baby Need Clothes” Video

Maryland’s own Ace Cosgrove released a project called Baby Need Food this past September that’s as eccentric as it is full-bodied. The project spawned a heartfelt video for single “Baby Need Clothes” that came out earlier this month (December 10) and perfectly encapsulates the uncertainty of and constant prep for the future throughout the song.

Baby Need Food is available for stream/download here. Read what Cosgrove had to say about creating the project below:

“Baby Need Food is all produced by Robbie Anthem , who is most know for his work with Adrian Marcel . The concept behind this project is simple “There’s a million other people trying to do what your doing , you have to hustle harder then the next person to put bread on the table , and build an empire”. The reason why this project is special is because me and Robbie Anthem have never actually meet in person , but we’ve communicated via phone and email . In fact I was one night , and I stumbled across his name , I then reached out to him and we started working . We made the first song Baby Need Clothes (track number three on the project) and he suggested that we make a whole project together . I was totally oppose to the idea , but I eventually agreed ,and a couple months later here we are . Baby Need Food is much different then my last project Usvsrobots  , as you can tell that I’ve found my true voice . The production of Baby Need Food has a live band feel , in which I plan to play the whole tape with a 3-5 piece band at all my shows , including during my performance at the DC Land Mark Festival (Sept 27th) .On the project I discuss all the issues that are floating around me , such as the non stop violence in the streets , the police brutality , forgetting who you are because of success , I even touch the subject of juggling a music career while being in a relationship . Baby Need Food is available to purchase on iTunes and is also Free to stream/download on Soundcloud .”


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