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Meek Mill Missed Out On A Movie Role Because Of His Probation


The year has slowly but surely been getting worse for Meek Mill. On top of having violated his probation, he isn’t able to leave Philadelphia for any reason, not even to perform. And now, it’s costing him big.

Page Six reports that Meek was cast in a Will Smith-produced movie called 12 O’Clock Boys, based on illegal bike racing in Baltimore. Meek was cast in the role of Wheelie Wayne, but couldn’t fly out to Los Angeles for the film because of his court appointed drug test in November. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the new terms of his probation will also cause him to miss out on a Las Vegas New Year’s Eve gig with Nicki Minaj that would’ve paid six figures. Page Six reported that this would’ve been “the first step getting him a residency, which is now also in jeopardy.”

Keep him in your thoughts.

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