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Ghostface Killah Says Album With DOOM Will Drop In February

ghost starks

UPDATE: Today Mass Appeal published a list of their most anticipated albums of the year, one of them being DOOMSTARKS. Their original write-up revealed a release date at the end – February 16 – but was later deleted. Below is a screenshot. That date is a Tuesday, so it might be off.


A couple weeks ago Ghostface Killah dropped a crazy verse on Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends,” and today he’s given fans an update on what they can expect from Ghost Deini in 2016.

He’s finishing up Supreme Clientele 2, and he hopes every sample on the album gets cleared. He also wants to do an album called Power of Attraction (“a real positive album”) with Tragedy Khadafi and Killah Priest.

Most importantly, however, is that Ghost says he’s talked to DOOM’s people and the metalface villain is apparently ready to drop their long-awaited DOOM Starks album in February. Watch the whole video below to see Ghost talk about it.

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