Forget Batman, What If Superman Fought Iron Man? [Epic Trailer]

Marvel and DC crossovers have manifested in the minds of fans and writers for years, but video editing software has allowed imaginations to reach new heights. Ever since the trailers for the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie reached the public, social media has been peppered with jokes that Batman’s armored suit made him look like Iron Man.

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Well, video editor Alex Luthor has dedicated his latest “Epic Trailer” mash-up to a  fictitious showdown between Superman and Marvel’s billionaire toy soldier.  Tony Stark seems to share the same “rich guy with weapons distrusts aliens” mantra that makes this one align nicely. Watch the handy work of “Superman vs Iron Man” above. Who do you think would win?

Now if someone can pull off a Superman vs Newcleus mash-up we’d be really impressed.


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