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Kanye West Asks If Anyone Feels Bad For Bill Cosby


Add Kanye West to the list of artists to say f*ck your holiday and drop what is probably the last single release of 2015 hours before the New Year’s ball drop. The bouncy “Facts” is a far cry from the way he ended 2014, with the somber Paul McCartney collab, “Only One.” More in line with the energy of mid-year release  “All Day,” Yeezy channels one of the year’s biggest hits, Drake and Future’s “Jump Man.”

Despite peppering the track with Street Fighter II ad-libs like “perfect” and “sonic-boom” this is far from a knockout.  It will certainly get some obligatory spins because of who he is but it’s clear he just stepped out of the booth with this one, “Does anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby?/ did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey?


After delaying the release of his highly anticipated Swish album it seems odd that he’d throw out something that sounds obviously rushed.

Stream it HERE.



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