Scott Storch Might’ve Just Pissed Off The Wrong People

Scott Storch

Scott Storch’s career has gone through a lot of turbulence over the course of the last 20+ years, exacerbated by drug addiction and two separate bankruptcy filings. Just as things seemed to be turning around for the prolific producer, they could be going south all over again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brad and Seth Cohen decided to bankroll Storch’s comeback by offering him a Rolls-Royce, a house in Miami, and a weekly salary, claiming that Storch “was once again ready to prove himself as a worthy record producer and use his deep connections in the music industry to make money for the three of them.” Their agreement also stated that if Storch were to use drugs again, he’d lose the car, and since he might be using again, the now disillusioned Cohens are drawing up a lawsuit: “In mid-December 2015, B. Cohen and S. Cohen discovered that Storch was again using drugs and demanded return of the vehicle. The vehicle is in S. Cohen name and S. Cohen did not want it to become an insurance liability.”

Storch’s own attorney Richard Wolfe isn’t taking the accusation seriously: “The lawsuit attaches documents that are forged. The lawsuit was filed in violation of federal law and we will be seeking a federal contempt order against the plaintiffs and their lawyers. The lawsuit is not serious and the only reason it was filed is to garnish publicity for the plaintiffs. Accordingly, it will be treated as nonsense.”

This situation is messier than anyone could’ve imagined. Just two months ago, Storch was in the studio with Kanye.

With the #legend #Yeezus Doing big things #KanyeWest

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