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Big Daddy Kane Clears Up Jay Z Hype Man Story

Big Daddy Kane made a recent appearance on the Wendy Williams Show to plug his upcoming film, Exposed. In the suspense thriller Keanu Reeves is a police officer trying to find out who killed his former partner, and Kane is his lead suspect.

“Well you see Wendy, you have to understand, when I select roles I’m very cautious to make sure that I’m not typecast or project anything negative,” Kane says with tongue squarely in cheek. “So I play a drug dealer named ‘Black’.”

With the chuckle aside, Kane took time to talk about everything from Macklemore’s old school tribute on “Downtown” to the rumor that Jay Z was once his hype man early in his career. While Hov has given the Brooklyn rap legend shout outs on songs like “Do It Again,” and Kane did take him out on tour with him, that was not his role.

“Jay Z was never my hype man. What it was, I was on your with Patti LaBelle and it was the first time I’d seen an artist do outfit changes. So I wanted to do that in hip-hop. So in the middle of the show I would go back stage and change outfits. While I was backstage I would bring Jay Z out and let him perform. I’d change outfits and come back out.”

So Jay Z did not carry Kane’s weed. Because Kane doesn’t smoke. We think. Watch the full clip above and trailer to Exposed below.

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