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SpaceGhostPurrp Disses A$AP Yams, Digs Deeper Hole For His Nonexistent Career

rocky sgp

Poor SpaceGhostPurrp. Just a couple years ago, when A$AP Rocky was starting to take off, the Florida rapper seemed poised to bring a dark, dungeon sound to hip-hop. His style meshed well with the Harlem rapper and their chemistry had promising potential.

But since Rocky got signed, Purrp has been on a steady downward spiral, complete with mediocre music releases and social media meltdowns. His buzz is entirely diminished, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting into it with members of Atlanta’s Awful Records in recent days.

In fact, he felt so emboldened that yesterday he actually disrespected the deceased A$AP Yams on Twitter. “where is yams?” he asked. “Oh I forgot he’s dead my bad.”

It was nice knowing you, SGP. You’re gonna need some serious help from here on out.



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