André 3000 Wants To Get Back To Making Music


As far as hip-hop enigmas go, André 3000 is high on many people’s lists. Aside from the 20th anniversary tour for OutKast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmusik and his heavenly feature on Erykah Badu’s recent mixtape But You Caint Use My Phone, he’s been relatively quiet on the music front. But even so, his recent sit-down with Billboard proves that he hasn’t been wasting any time.

André will be in the next season of the ABC series American Crime, and the conversation jumped from working with Regina King (“I have watched her on television since I was a kid, so it was crazy to actually be on set with her.”) to screenwriting (“I’d like to get on the other side of filmmaking. I’ve always been more of a conceptual type of person so I’ve got to get a little bit more experience under my belt to step into the director mode. And of course, writing — that’s a beast to tackle. But yeah, I’ll maybe be partnering with people at this point, just to learn.”) and eventually to new music, which has been on his mind more and more recently. “I still get time to think about music,” he explained. “[Shooting TV and film projects] is not so bad — it kind of puts you in the place where you’re fiending to do music. I’ve been holding [back] for a long time, so now I’m really interested in figuring out some type of music to do. I’m always recording.”

He also revealed that he and Badu’s son Seven fleshed out the idea for “Hello” off of her new mixtape: We came across [The Isley Brothers’ 1974 cover of Todd Rundgren’s] “Hello, It’s Me.” Ron Isley repeats the phrase “hello, hello” as if he was answering the phone. I told Erykah, “You should make this into a new song and get somebody to rap on it.” She was like, “Well, you should rap on it!” I’m happy it happened. It was a great reunion, because I don’t think people have heard a song from us in ages.”

Check out the rest of the interview here.


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