7 Rappers President Obama Should Pardon Before He Leaves Office

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Earlier this week news surfaced that Gucci Mane might be coming home in March of this year, but further investigation revealed that the Atlanta rapper is in fact still set to be released from prison in March of 2017.

Nonetheless, there are a number of rappers incarcerated as we speak, and though we’re no legal experts, we still lament the fact that they can’t make music from the outside. Seeing how Obama is giving less fucks every day, we have to hope that he’s eyeing a couple rappers to pardon before he leaves the White House later this year. Shit, if George W. Bush can pardon John Forte, surely Obama can let someone off the hook.

So in the pursuit of our selfish musical interests (and not criminal justice), here are nine rappers we think Obama should pardon before he dips from office.

1. Max B

In September of 2009, Wavie Crockett was sentenced to 75 years in prison for murder conspiracy and robbery after allegedly sending his girlfriend and stepbrother to rob two men at a Holiday Inn in New Jersey. We can’t comment on whether or not Max B actually did what the court found him guilty of doing – after all, the justice system hardly works the way it should – but we do wish the last great rapper from New York didn’t have to record verses and hooks through a phone. Also, fuck Saluti.

2. C-Murder

Master P’s brother and No Limit rapper C-Murder is currently serving a life sentence in Louisiana for something he says he didn’t do. Back in ’09 he was convicted for second-degree murder after a 16-year-old named Steve Thomas was beaten and killed at the Platinum Club on January 12, 2002. However, in July of 2015 Murder’s lawyer Rachel Conner said that two new witnesses, one of them being former San Antonio Spurs player Tim Bush, could testify that it was not the rapper born Corey Miller who committed the fatal crime, but someone else. Conner is also challenging Miller’s conviction on the grounds that he did not receive a fair trial. Maybe Obama can give him a hand.

3. Bump J

Considering Obama is well-versed in the gun violence that plagues Chicago, Goon Squad rapper Bump J might have the best chance of getting pardoned by the POTUS. In 2009 the notorious Midwest rapper born Terrance Boykin plead guilty to bank robbery and accepted a deal that put him behind bars for 10 years instead of the rest of his life. He’s currently serving time at a federal prison in Big Springs, Texas.

Bump was signed by Lyor Cohen to Atlantic Records in 2004 on the heels of his popular “Move Around” single, produced by Kanye West (who also helped pay for Bump’s lawyer later on). His debut album Nothing To Lose was shelved by the label, despite boasting appearances from Kanye, Rick James Keisha Cole, and Rick James, and when he was arrested at the end of ’08, it was rumored that he was close to signing with G.O.O.D. Music.

4. Rosco P. Coldchain

One of the best rappers from the Star Trak era is currently serving time for being connected to a double murder that occurred back in ’08. He had a previous gun charge stacked against him, and though I’ve heard varying accounts about whether or not he was actually responsible for the death of the young man in Philly, no one’s heard from him since then, minus a 2012 album called Almost Famous. It’s fair to say that despite his limited output, he’s one of the most unique rappers hip-hop has seen in years. We could use him at a time like this, when every other rapper sounds nearly identical.

5. G-Dep

In the fall of 1993, G-Dep mugged a Harlem named John Henkel using a weapon. The victim reached for the gun, and G-Dep shot him three times. He was never brought in as a suspect. Five years later, he signed a record deal with Bad Boy Records, and in 2001 he released his cult classic Child of the Ghetto. But as the crime continued to eat away at him and he used drugs to dull the pain, his music suffered and eventually he was dropped from Bad Boy. In 2010, unable to live with his secret any longer, he confessed to the crime he had committed 17 years ago, not yet knowing that the man he’d shot had died. The police did nothing, suspecting G-Dep was under the influence at the time of his confession, but he returned to the police station for a second time to tell them what he’d done. They arrested him, and he’s now serving 15-years-to-life at Elmira.

His persistence alone should get him pardoned, dog.

6. Gucci Mane

In and out of prison for much of his career, Gucci Mane is currently incarcerated in Terre Haute, Indiana for possession of a firearm by a felon and set to come home in March 2017. No, his priors don’t shed a positive light on his character, but listen Barack – somebody needs to stem the flow of these mediocre tapes his camp keeps cobbling together while La Flare’s in jail.

7. B.G.


B. Gizzle has had a rough career, from using heroin to leaving the always-dandy Cash Money family. Despite being one of the most innovative and slept-on rappers to ever come out of New Orleans, his trouble persisted into 2009, when he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. Police found three guns in his whip, and in 2012 he was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for gun possession and witness tampering.

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