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Watch Vince Staples Wax Poetic About Gang Life On Highly Questionable


Long Beach, California’s own Vince Staples has never shied away from he and his family’s involvement with gang life, and he delved into a little more detail during an appearance on ESPN’s Highly Questionable yesterday (January 7).

Over the course of the seven-minute clip, Staples elaborates on the pull gang life has on the area. “I don’t think it’s something that you extract yourself from, it’s something that you move on from, for the simple fact that these things aren’t based in crime or wrong, these things are based in being a part of a certain community. And the only way to get away form that community is to literally leave the community or better the community.”

Whether factual or hilarious, Vince Staples can always be counted on for a great conversation. Check out the whole thing below.


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