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Was Kanye West Calling DJ Dahi At 3 AM?

kanye 3 am

UPDATE: Dahi’s manager says Ye did not call him and Dahi was just making a joke.

Kanye West rarely tweets these days, except for fashion, Kim, or new music and the release date of SWISH – February 11. But the other day he tweeted about people not picking up his calls at 3 AM after posting a video of Steve Jobs:

It seems like Kanye might still be working on his new album and reached out to someone late at night who didn’t answer his call. Then today, DJ Dahi had this to say:

Dahi might just be opining without any connection to being called at 3 AM, but could he have actually gotten a late night ring from Yeezy? They worked on Big Sean’s “I Don’t Fuck With You” together and their sounds make a lot of sense in tandem, but whether we’ll hear any Dahi beasts on SWISH remains to be seen. Dahi also hinted that his tweets were later taken out of context:

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