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Mack Wilds Channels Spike Lee For “Love In The 90z” Video

Mack Wilds Love In The 90z Do The Right Thing

Mack Wilds rang in the new year starring in VH1’s “The Breaks” playing an aspiring producer named DeeVee looking to record his first big hit in 1990. The Staten Island, NY native was so inspired by his role that he recorded the latest in his throwback inspired music catalogue, “Love In The 90z.” For the video to the clip Mack drew upon Spike Lee’s 1989 classic, Do The Right Thing.

In a two-part interview with WatchLOUD Mack Wilds talked about why the ’90s are such a big inspiration for him and if he did actually have a love in that decade.

“It was puppy love of course but me being young and trying to impress girls, I remember there was girl that I really liked and she was in the church choir. So I joined the choir…”

Watch the video to see if he closed the deal!



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