32 Rap Songs That Sample David Bowie

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Late last night, news broke that legendary rock star David Bowie had lost his 18-month fight with cancer. The stunning news came on the heels of Bowie’s 25th studio album Blackstar, which was just released this past Friday to critical acclaim. If you haven’t heard that album, do yourself a favor and play it today. You won’t be disappointed.

Bowie transcended music, reaching into gender politics, identity issues, and unabashed sexuality. But though he was a rock star with a religious following, he was also loved by hip-hop producers and artists alike. Even Kanye West took time to show love:

It’s always sad when an artist dies, but one way to take advantage of such a shitty situation is to look back and celebrate the artist’s life. These are 32 different rap songs that sampled David Bowie throughout the years, and below you can take a spin through all the tracks and the Bowie records they flipped. R.I.P. to a true musical icon.

Vanilla Ice – Ice, Ice Baby (1990) [Sample: “Under Pressure”]
Puff Daddy – Been Around The World (1997) [Sample: “Let’s Dance”]

Jay Z – Takeover (2001) [Sample: “Fame”]
Dr. Dre – Fame (1996) [Sample: “Fame”]
Public Enemy – Night of the Living Baseheads (1988) [Sample: “Fame”]
EPMD – It Wasn’t Me, It Was The Fame (1989) [Sample: “Fame”]
Ice Cube – Alive On Arrival (1991) [Sample: “Fame”]
Ultramagnetic MCs – Break North (1988) [Sample: “Fame”]

Ol Dirty Bastard – Dirty Run (Sample: “Fame”]
EPMD – I’m Mad (1990) [Sample: “Fame”]
J Dilla – Take Notice (2007) [Sample: “Soul Love”]
El-P – Innocent Leader (2002) [Sample: “Soul Love”]
Death Grips – Culture Shock (2011) [Sample: “The Supermen” (Alternative)]
Living Legends – The Man Who Sold The World, Pt. 2 (2005) [Sample: “The Man Who Sold The World”]
Saigon – Breathe Thru The Years (2005) [Sample: “Bring Me The Disco King”]
Crooked I – Rap Or Die (2008) [Sample: “Opening Titles Including Underground”]
Open Mike Eagle – Ron And Fez Rap (2014) [Sample: “Right”]
Jay Electronica – Run And Hide (2011) [Sample: “Quicksand”]
MF DOOM – Rapp Snitch Knishes (2004) [Sample: “Space Oddity”]
Nacho Picasso – David Blowie (2014) [Sample: “Within You”]
Craig David – Hot Stuff (Let’s Dance) [2007] (Sample: “Let’s Dance”)
K7 – Let’s Bang (1993) [Sample: “Let’s Dance”]
Company Flow – Patriotism Live (1999) [Sample: “I’m Afraid of Americans”]
Godfather Don – Fame (1998) [Sample: “Fame”]
Toddy Tee – Gangster Boogie (1988) [Sample: “Fame”]
Lace Da Booms – And One (Remix) [1997] (Sample: “Let’s Dance”)
MC Lyte – Put It On You (1998) [Sample: “Fame”]
Diddy – American Dream (2001) [Sample: “This Is Not America”]
Charli Baltimore – Ice (2002) [Sample: “Under Pressure”]
Suga Free – Allergic To Bullshit (2008) [Sample: “Fame”]
Max B & French Montana – Been Around The World (2009) [Sample: “Let’s Dance”]
Sage Francis – Strange Fame (2009) [Sample: “Fame”]


TV On The Radio – Heroes (Cover of Bowie’s “Heroes”)
Nirvana – Man Who Sold The World (Cover of Bowie’s “Man Who Sold The World”)
Wallflowers – Heroes (Cover of Bowie’s “Heroes”)
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