Watch A Free Documentary About The Lives Of Legendary Underground Rappers

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A new documentary featuring underground rap legends like Slug, Masta Ace, Murs, and R.A. The Rugged Man is streaming right now on Vimeo, and you can watch it for free.

The documentary is called Adult Rappers and it features a whole host of underground MCs like Torae, Yesh (of Yeshua DapoED), P.O.S., Cryptic One, Despot, Don Will, Eternia, Esoteric, and many others talking about what it’s like being a working class rapper. Here’s how the film is described by its maker Paul Iannacchino Jr:

What does life look like when “rapper” is your job description?

This documentary feature pulls back the curtain on the world of ‘working class’ rappers. The film spotlights independent artists struggling to find a balance between making a living and pursuing their art alongside the never-ending saga of age and relevance. Weaved together through a series of 30 plus interviews that are devoid of the ego so common in the business of music, especially hip-hop, the film traverses the country (USA) to explore the myths and misconceptions of life as a full-time rapper.

You can watch the full documentary free of charge for 24 hours with the promo code “free” when you hit the Rent button. Any serious rap fan should check it out above.

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