Ryan Coogler Might Not Return To Direct Creed Sequel


Creed was one of last year’s nicest cinematic surprises, a reboot/continuation that managed to capture the spirit of the original while not being bogged down. It also turned a considerable profit and gained director Ryan Coogler and rising stars Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson some much needed exposure, so of course a sequel is in the works.

Variety reports that not only is MGM eyeing a November 2017 release date for the sequel and that Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, and Sylvester Stallone would all return, but that the plot might revolve around flashbacks involving the return of Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). In a separate Variety cover story, Stallone revealed that Coogler might transition from director to executive producer due to his obligation as the director of Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther. 

“I know Ryan is going to be gone for a couple of years. There’s a diminishing time acceptance of a sequel,” Stallone elaborated. Either way, we’re excited to see more of Adonis and Bianca in the future!

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