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Earl Sweatshirt’s “Mirror” Will Be On Samiyam’s New Album

Earl Sweat

UPDATE: Stones Throw confirms that “Mirror” will appear on Samiyam’s upcoming album. 

Earl Sweatshirt put out one of the most consuming and depressing albums of 2015 in I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside. A Soundcloud leak proves that Earl could’ve added even more somber rhymes to the pile if he wanted.

The Samiyam-produced “Mirror” just found its way onto the interwebs, distorted drum loops and all. This track plays in direct contrast to Earl’s interview with Spin magazine from last year: “I’m not as depressed as I was last year when I hurt my knee, so I can’t keep making music about being in a cage ‘cause I’m not in a cage.”

Either way, new Earl Sweatshirt is new Earl Sweatshirt, so give it a listen above.

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