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Jasiri X Believes Black Lives Matter Fulfills Martin Luther King’s Legacy


People all over the world are taking the time to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. Pittsburgh MC & political activist Jasiri X did his part by connecting the lines between the established Civil Rights movement and the burgeoning Black Lives Matter.

In a short interview with Tacoma Weekly, X elaborated on the theory that he’ll be fully diving into at the University of Puget’s 30th annual MLK Day celebration – and he’s confused as to why people are keen on separating the two movements. “I’ve seen some people kind of act like the two don’t co-exist, like somehow what activists are doing in the Black Lives Matter movement today is somehow different than what Dr. King was doing or talking about. I want to show that that is not correct.”

When asked whether or not he thinks King would be happy with his image today, X didn’t mince any words: ” (Because of) the way people use his name and his legacy, I think he would be very, very upset. To reduce Martin Luther King’s work to one speech on one day is doing a complete disservice. When people do that, it shows that they have not actually looked at and studied this man. He was a man who spoke out against the Military Industrial Complex, so he would have serious issues with the foreign policy of the United States of America and how we’re droning folks all over the world. He led a movement for equal justice among poor people. So to see (that) working class Americans have stagnant wages while billionaires are getting more and more wealthy, where people have to fight just get a living wage.”

Read the rest of the interview and check out Puget’s MLK Day celebration if you’re in the Pittsburgh area


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