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Mackned Adjusts To The Lifestyle Of A Rapper On His New Celebrity Etiquette Project

On the second track of Seattle rapper Mackned’s new Celebrity Etiquette project he tells us, “Materialistic ’cause the world made me / Born with nothin’ I was just a baby.” It’s an excellent example of both the theme of his new project – how to deal with a taste of fame – and his technique, a roundabout style of framing the life of a human.

His ear for beats is impeccable, with production steeped in inebriation from people like Yawns, OhZone, Abe Beats, Ryan Hemsworth, and many more. His flows are also fluid, shifting and adjusting on every new song. It’s as if he’s recalibrating to the lifestyle of a rapper in real time, right in front of our eyes, across 15 tracks. It’s especially enthralling because unlike too many rappers today, he knows how to keep the listener’s attention for longer than 30 seconds.

Stream Celebrity Etiquette below, and remember – Seattle has a lot more going for it than Macklemore right now.

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