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Lil Wayne And Birdman Reunite In Miami [VIDEO]

It’s been a rough time for Lil Wayne and his “father” Birdman ever since Wayne let it be known he wanted off Young Money back in December 2014.

But mere weeks after a picture surfaced of the two hanging out during New Year’s Eve, Wayne and Baby seemed fully reunited at Club LIV in Miami this past Sunday (Jan. 17). They took the stage together to perform songs like “We Be Steady Mobbin,” “Bitches Love Me,” and “A Milli,” but the most important part of the night was when Birdman declared, “This my motherfuckin’ son and I’ma die for him, I’ma live for him, and I’ll motherfuckin’ kill for him. That ain’t gonna never change, nigga. It’s YMCMB for life, and we gon’ live this shit.” You can see that footage above.

Later Birdman also had some select words for his enemies: “But you bitch n*ggas that be sayin’ my name, I’ma pull up and I ain’t gonna pull up talking,” he said. “Believe that. Rich gang for life, n*gga. YMCMB, n*gga. We care about this bullshit.”

Does this mean all is well between Wayne and Baby? Might we be getting Carter 5 soon?

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