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Prodigy Wants To Rap For You At The Illuminati Ball


Would you pay $350 to have Prodigy serenade you while you eat dinner at a private Illuminati Ball? Here’s your chance.

Prodigy will be performing at select dates for the “interactive play” The Illuminati Ball, based on leaked photos from the 1972 event of the same name hosted by Baron and Baroness de Rothschild. The event begins as a limousine picks up thirty “candidates” and drives them out to an isolated peninsula somewhere in the area (guests are blindfolded for the final 15 minutes of the trip); after they get to the manor, people are divided into houses based on animals (pig, monkey, cow, etc) and treated to “a lavish dinner, exotic cocktails, fire performance, opera and esoteric ritual ceremonies.” – and then Prodigy shows up and performs.

It’s all about as surreal and bourgeois as it sounds. The experience will run on select Saturday evenings from February 13 – August 20. Cop tickets here, if that’s your thing.


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