R. Kelly Claims He Doesn’t Know Who Dave Chappelle Is

Chappelle R. Kelly

Saying that R. Kelly’s public image has gone up in flames over the course of the last month is a grave understatement. His infamously botched HuffPost interview is the stuff of internet legend at this point, and now Kells is feigning ignorance to Dave Chappelle.

In a recent profile with GQ, the interviewer brought up Chappelle’s R. Kelly parody, but Kelly claimed to have no idea who he was. Is he dodging or legitimately confused? You decide!

GQ: Given that a lot of people believe that the video shows you, some of the behaviors on the video have become associated with you, particularly urination as part of sex. Pissing on people. You must have seen that Dave Chappelle skit. 

Kelly: “No, I haven’t.”

GQ: He did several clips on his show.

Kelly: “David Chappelle? [as though trying to place the name] David Chappelle? I don’t…”

GQ: Chappelle’s Show. Very famous.

Kelly: “Okay…comedian?”

GQ: Really famous comedian.

Kelly: “Okay, a comedian. Okay…go on.”

GQ: And acting as you, he did a parody of “Ignition (Remix)” called “Piss on You.”

Kelly: “Mmmm.”

Read the whole GQ interview here.

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