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Yasiin Bey’s Rep Claims His Instagram Account Is Fake

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UPDATE: Yasiin’s rep has told The Fader that the “MosDefOfficial” Instagram account this story is based on isn’t affiliated with him. “He’s been very frustrated with that because so many people believe it’s him,” she said. “It never was him.” We guess this means that no collaborations from J. Cole, Kanye, Kendrick, or Lupe are coming anytime soon. 

Last night Mos Def posted a message to KanyeWest.com explaining his situation in South Africa and spitting an acapella freestyle over the phone. He is being held in Capetown against his will and was formally charged this morning for using a false passport and travel document as well as illegally helping his family stay in South Africa.

In the phone message on Kanye’s website, Mos pleads his innocence and says he believes there are political motivations behind his prosecution. He also announces his retirement from music and film “effective immediately,” although he says his final album is coming later this year.

He’s also started previewing new music with Kanye, J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, and Kendrick Lamar on his Instagram page. We’ll keep you updated on Bey’s status.

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