Will Smith On Oscar Boycott: “It’s So Deeply Not About Me

Jada Pinkett Smith’s comments about diversity in Hollywood and boycotting The Academy Awards have still kept the conversation started by #OscarsSoWhite alive. Earlier this morning, her husband Will Smith officially confirmed he’s standing by his wife and not attending the awards this year, either.

“My wife’s not going. It would be awkward to show up with Charlize [Theron],” he joked during a Good Morning America interview with Robin Roberts. “There is a position that we hold in this community, and if we’re not part of the solution, we’re part of the problem,” he continued. “It was her call to action, for herself, and for me and for our family to be a part of the solution.”

Naturally, there’s been criticism of the Smith’s boycott because of Will’s lack of nomination for Best Actor in Concussion, but he claims Jada’s reasoning is deeper than that: “There’s probably a part of that in there but, for Jada, had I been nominated and no other people of color were, she would have made the video anyway. We’d still be here having this conversation. This is so deeply not about me.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Smith stood in solidarity with people of color at awards shows. He and a contingent of the hip-hop community boycotted the Grammys back in 1989 for not televising the Best Rap Performance award.

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