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Martin Shkreli Calls Ghostface “A Non-Profit Rapper”

Ghost Shkreli

UPDATE: Martin Shkreli responded to Ghostface on Twitter: 

We can hear the Teddy Pendergrass queuing up in the background now…

Martin Shkreli’s acquisition of the Wu-Tang Clan’s one-of-a-kind Once Upon A Time In Shaolin has hip-hop fans the world over in a tizzy. After being flagged down by TMZ, the Wu’s own Ghostface confirms that he’s a part of that contingent.

“Yea, that shithead,” he said when TMZ asked him about it. “I don’t even know him, but I know what he did with the AIDS [drug] like that, that’s not right, that’s not right.” He also feels that Shkreli should release the album to the people: “What do you need to hold onto it for 88 years for?”

Check out the video below.

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