Twitter Challenges T.I. To “Anti-Gravity Hat Off” & Tip Responds!

TI Adibisi

Forget your emojis and Vines of dads falling off hoverboards, this is why social media is great. Last night Twitter user @KriegLaflare called Clifford “T.I.” Harris to the mat to challenge his status as the anti-gravity hat King of the world. Why? Because the internet.

“I challenge you to an anti gravity hat off Clifford. You have 24 hours to respond or I am the new King

In the history of all things hat, Tip has only been rivaled by Adebisi from HBO’s “Oz” for his ability to dangle headwear on his head at obtuse angles without said headwear “tipping” over (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

TI Adibisi

It’s a magic trick that Hugh Jackman’s character from The Prestige is still trying to figure out. But these Twitter users are coming for the crown and even brought Super Producer Just Blaze and T.I’s clothing line Akoo into the battle. It is the funniest thing you’ll see on the Internet this week.

1.First the white gloves were removed and smacked across Tip’s face.


2. Then the challengers came like Afro Samurais hunting down the wearer of the Number 2 headband.

3. Then KriegLafare upped the anti (no pun intended) making his hat do parkour off the side of his face.

4. Then shit got way too real. Hats were getting stacked in threes like a lunch special at iHop.

5. Even Just Blaze jumped in…


6. And T.I’s clothing company tried to make the claim for the King…

But Twitter still waits for the ruler to return.  T.I. has about 5 hours to respond. Will the KING reclaim his crown? Follow the thread here to see what happens.

UPDATE: @Tip has responded!

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