B.o.B Drops “Flatline” In Response To Neil deGrasse Tyson

B.o.B deGrasse Tyson

UPDATE 3: Dr. deGrasse Tyson has responded with a diss track of his own called “Flat To Fact” over Drake’s “Back 2 Back” beat. Seriously. 


UPDATE 2: B.o.B clapped back at deGrasse Tyson less than an hour ago (January 25) with a full-length song. Where he justifies his “paranoia” by comparing himself to Malcolm X before throwing in out-of-context dialogue from Tyson about the equator line. Deadass. 

UPDATE: Neil deGrasse Tyson has weighed in on the Earth’s curvature debate: 

There was a time when the entire world believed that the Earth was flat and that it was the center of the solar system. Some 500 years later, B.o.B. seems to agree.

The Atlanta rapper took to Twitter yesterday (January 24) to flex his newfound “knowledge” after marathoning some Youtube videos about skylines. In short, he’s a truther who doesn’t believe the curve exists:


For people who continued to argue in favor of the Earth’s curve, he had an answer in the chamber:


Then he told a story of how an airplane he was flying on was at the same altitude as the man who jumped from Earth’s atmosphere a couple years ago:


He ended his initial rant with a spit in Galileo’s face:


If B.o.B’s plane was flying as high as he claims, that means it would’ve literally been in space around 127,000 feet in the air, and planes rarely go above 50,000 feet (a.k.a. not outside of Earth’s atmosphere). But who are we to argue with science? DJ Booth was onto something here. Where are Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson when you need them?

B.o.B. also thinks the government agency from The Island exists:


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