Freddie Gibbs Eviscerates Kanye West’s “No More Parties In LA” In Our Verse Of The Week


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Priority #1 for Freddie Gibbs has always been to prove that he’s the best rapper. And bar for bar, he doesn’t have a lot of competition. Gibbs has been rocking mics and snatching wigs since his Miseducation days, but his last two projects, 2014’s Madlib collaboration Piñata and last year’s Shadow Of A Doubt, are proof positive of his status as hip-hop’s most adaptable MC. As diverse and satisfying as SOAD was for fans who’ve caped for Gibbs since the beginning, Piñata has wrestled fan attention away unlike anything else in his discography, which is why this past week’s “Cocaine Parties In LA” took Hip-Hop Twitter by storm.

The remix to “No More Parties In LA” from Kanye West’s upcoming Waves stands as far more than just a MadGibbs reunion. Freddie is still hungry, and having direct access to this dusty joint is the closest thing to a morsel he’s gonna get. Gibbs is a unique kind of storyteller who knows how to establish a scene (“Hey Killa, you forgot your soda dawg/My mama kitchen stankin’ from the last order, dawg”) and build around braggadocio and pop culture references like few others. How? He makes the degrees of separation between name dropping “Ritz Carlton” by Plies to his New York shooting to Stacey Dash’s Fox News comments and Dave Chappelle’s Racial Draft (“And all this internet shit fucked up the era/that bitch ain’t been the same Since Ye’ dropped her off at the airport/They only gave us 28 days so make it last/the black delegation would like to trade Stacey Dash/For a Adele, Margot Robbie”) before wrapping it up with the bow of Macklemore’s “White Privilege II” (“No I don’t sell like Macklemore, but I got White Privilege”) sound effortless. Remember, this is the man who put Jeezy’s feet to the fire with 2014’s best diss track by a country mile.

Whether through vaunted producer collaborations or on his own terms, Freddie Gibbs’s charismatic and vicious rhymes consistently fight to be heard and recognized, which is why “Cocaine Parties In LA” is our pick for Verse of the Week. Check out the whole thing below.

Hey Killa
You forgot your soda dawg
My mama kitchen stankin’
From the last order dawg
So many cocaine transactions
I don’t recall
Was Lit
Tell The Judge and The Preacher
Presiding Over Ya’ll
Fuck The Police protocol
We Choppin’ Loads Up
In The Crib
No Heat by the stove
My toes froze up
Niggas like to fuck up their
Re-up money
Get rolled up
Bullet holed-up
Ran off on the plug once (Once Nigga)
Bitches at the Ritz Carlton
I was dumb hype
I dropped the chicken
Then remixed it
Was dumb white
Fuck her pretty face
And that pussy
Hoe what your funds like
Fucked her in some $5000 shoes
I punch right
Allergic to these
Weak assholes
Nigga gesundheit
Miss my harlem bitch
Buss that pussy open
In one night
But last time I was
Out in New York
I got in a gunfight
Lowbiz to the showbiz
I kick rap burnin
Like kermit sippin on
Hoe tears
Million dollar world tour
A nigga with no spins
Everyday I got a new cousin
Nigga we no Kin
And all this internet shit
Fucked up the era
That bitch ain’t been the same
Since Ye’ dropped her off
At the airport
They only gave us 28 days
So make it last
The black delegation
Would like to trade Stacey Dash
For a Adele, Margot Robbie
Let’s Get It Poppin’
We On, Fuck It
For an even trade
We’ll throw in a
Raven Symone
Filthy Jet Black nigga
Backstage full of white bitches
No I don’t sell like Macklemore
But I’ve got White Privilege
Try not to sell crack no more
Trynna stay out the prison
That heron shit
I’ll get your ass
A gas price sentence
That snitchin’ shit
Will get your family
And your wife missin’
Play position
These niggas friendly
As a box of puppies
I drop big nuts
On this game
They holdin’ chicken nuggets
My backwood rollin’ is dirty
You smell that
Seen myself on comedy central
Hope they bring Chappelle back
Feds listenin’, all this talk
About the scale back
Seen india love nudes
A nigga trying to nail that
A couple weeks i’m in Toronto
I’ma see all my bitches
But all my niggas can’t cross the border
For that all star shit
But niggas be creepin’ during the weekend
Give her that all star dick
I want that pussy, head, mouth
Ass, and all that shit

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