Watch Vince Staples’s Dizzying “Lift Me Up” Video

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.42.51 AM

Summertime ’06 pushed Vince Staples to the forefront of hip-hop last year. It was an unapologetically *Black* album in a year chock full of them, but if the singles and constant interviews and touring are any indication, it’s connected in a huge way.

Staples just released a dizzying video for the standout track “Lift Me Up,” full of askew camera angles and plenty of shots of Vince suspended in midair. The video opens with a shot of sunlight hitting small cresting waves, most likely the inspiration for the album’s cover, and features a motionless Vince mouthing the lyrics to the camera.

Vince’s videos are always visually striking, and “Lift Me Up” is no exception. Check it out above.

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