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Bumpy Knuckles Calls Out Trifling Exes On “EmOsHuNaL GrEeD”

bumpy knuckles emoshunal greed

It’s a fact of life that two people who once shared a heart will separate but still have to share a child. The internet is peppered with videos and memes chronicling the struggle of co-parents who have to deal with an ex who is using their child to manipulate and hurt the person they were once involved with. To be clear this is not gender specific, men and women alike are guilty of playing these games, and NY rhyme giant Bumpy Knuckles has cooked up an ode to those trifling exes with DJ Premier and Sy Ari called “Emoshunal Greed.”

“No one should use their child to hurt the other parent,” he says. “For those that have made their children a part of the system because they wanted to hurt the other parent, this song is for you.”

Over a vintage chop’t Preemo salad of piano stabs, rumbling bass and thick drums Bumpy reflects on how the beauty of fatherhood eventually gave way to the bitter life of embattled co-parenting.

Regulations on the kid like a rent-a-car/I’m trying to teach him who the winners are/been a star…don’t use my seed, to feed your emotional greed..”

Listen to the track below:

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