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Max B Says He Appreciates Kanye West Calling His Album ‘WAVES’

Last week Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West got into an argument because Wiz thought ‘Ye was biting Max B’s slang by naming his album WAVES. If you don’t know, the Harlem rapper who once ran with Jim Jones and ByrdGang is largely credited for popularizing words like “wavy” and “wave,” so Wiz Khalifa – who has been largely influenced by Max B – ran to his defense.

But no one has heard from Max B himself, who’s serving a 75-year sentence in a New Jersey state prison right now, until today when he called into the Breakfast Club to give his thoughts on the whole thing.

“It’s love. I appreciate it. I’m flattered that dudes are even acknowledging the situation,” said Max about Kanye’s album title. “Everybody know I’m an innovator. I come up with these words and these slogans and these catchphrases. It’s all good when the people follow suit. I like Kanye.”

Max says he doesn’t have a relationship with Kanye, but still believes Kanye was indirectly influenced by the incarcerated spitter. “He ain’t drop a diss record. He just called his album WAVES and everybody know I’m the wavy daddy, so it’s all good.”

Listen to the entire short conversation above as Max also speaks on how the recent trailer billing an upcoming documentary is not authorized, Wiz being “good people,” and no longer being signed to a label.

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