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Trip Has Some Strange “Bestfriends” On His Angry New Single

I knew I liked Virginia Beach rapper Trip’s new single “Bestfriends” the second he said, “N–gas talking ’bout ‘we’ I don’t speak French.” I like that line for a bunch of different reasons, not the least of which being that rappers often appropriate French terms for their own use while Trip rejects the foreign language. It’s also just funny.

But there’s little humor to be found in the 20-year-old’s latest single, which precedes his upcoming debut project Hard Boiled. He sounds angry, which can be a potent weapon in a rapper’s arsenal when so many in hip-hop today sound too barred out to give a fuck about their rhymes. His flow isn’t just quick – it’s jarring, adjusting and reloading with nary a breath to be heard.

He’s a part of Brain Dead Music, a collective including one of our favorite young rappers DP and an exciting producer/rapper Brooklyn Taylor, so he’s definitely surrounded by the right people. “Bestfriends,” the video for which (directed by Hidji) you can watch above, ensnared us from the jump, so we’ll be looking for his debut tape to drop soon. For now, watch the flick above.

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